Things to do before buying your first home

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Patience is Key

It is a very exciting thing to buy your first home and I know that you want to move in as quickly as possible, but jumping the gun might not be the best idea.

Taking your time to look at homes and covering every base of the home buying process might seem strenuous and annoying, but will be definitely worth putting effort into. This is the most important investment you’ll probably make in your life, so taking the time to figure things out and understand each step of this journey is key.


Expect Unexpected Expenses

It is important to understand that buying a house will not only involve a down payment and that even when planning out possible expenses, but you will also come across other expenses that you could have never even thought of.  This is a common mistake that can not only delay the home buying process but even stall it at times.


Prepare for an emotional roller coaster.

Buying your first home will send you through a loop of emotions that you could have never thought of before. The finding a home that has everything you want and needs, waiting for your offer to be accepted, finding out what the home inspection reveals, and awaiting the closing will definitely have you up and down and all over the place. Be prepared to deal with your biggest unknown fears, but stay calm knowing that it all will pass and nothing can outshine the feeling of getting that set of keys that’ll open your first home.


Enjoy the Process.

This is the most important thing that you should focus on. While the home buying process will definitely not be anything like what you anticipated, you should stay positive and buckle up as if you were riding a roller coaster. There will definitely be lows, as there will be highs and by the time you close you will realize that had you enjoy the ride all along, the anxiety and chills were maybe unnecessary. I am not saying that the whole home buying process(especially when purchasing your first home) is going to be dull and eventless, but the best thing to do in stressful situations is to be positive and enjoy the ups and downs of this journey.