Real Estate

We know that many people may be facing a difficult situation. We just want to give you some suggestions that might help you feel a little relieved; helping relieve some economic burden.

Some options are:

 1. Call your Mortgage company to see if there is a way to lower the payment by refinancing or making deferred payments. This will help you maybe one to two months without payment, although that total amount will be added back to your final loan balance.

 2. Call your credit card companies and ask if there is a way to lower your interest rate or extend your payment day. Many companies are doing it for at least one to two months.

 3. Call service companies (cable, internet, gas, electricity) and ask for the same; that they extend your payment day without charging a penalty for late days.

 4. Be on the lookout for the government page to fill out what is necessary for checks to be sent to you. At this time there is no additional steps you need to take. Avoid falling on fraudulent pages.


If you or someone you know needs food, feel free to go to your local church or local food pantry.

Chicago Food Bank

Dupage County Food Bank


If you need to connect to a church virtually; since in these moments it greatly strengthens our faith 

If you're home is under foreclosure, we want you to know that the government stopped evictions and they will not evict you out of your property at this time.

If you are in a situation with a 1031 Exchange, and sold your property and need to reinvest to avoid paying taxes, the government also has granted more time to do so, (than the regular 3 months) 


Finally, if you have any questions related to your home, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

We hope that all of this can soon be put into our history of the past and continue with our plans for the future. At the moment if you are at home, enjoy your family and if you are working we thank you for your service and ask God for protection for your life.