How to Avoid Home Buyer's Remorse


Buying a home is like a relationship. First, you search online. Then you go out for a date. Then you put a ring on it and start your due diligence, and finally, you close the deal. And probably like most relationships, you are going to run into some bumps after. It is just natural as two people, or people-and-house, get to know one another.


You’ve bought a home and, if you’re new to the area, you may still be using a GPS to even find it. So the commute will be new, too.  Sometimes it’s more than what you were hoping for, or you didn’t expect the traffic to be what it is. The only advice I can imagine is to try to drive the routes you’ll be taking at the times of day you’ll be driving. Of course, also plug in the route to work on Google Maps to get an estimated driving time.

Property Condition
Did you buy a fixer-upper because you thought you could Do-It-Yourself?  And now you realize you have neither the time, money nor skills to actually follow through?  I recommend buying a home in need of any significant upgrading or maintenance only if you A) have the passion and professional skill set to accomplish the tasks or B) have the money on standby to take care of repair issues immediately after closing. 

Choose a Good Realtor
A good Realtor should know the market, know what to expect, and be a great sounding board for your ideas. Throughout the entire decision-making process, they should be able to help inform your decisions – not make them for you, but give you the information and tools you need to make them.

Stop Looking at Homes Once Under Contract
I don’t always recommend this. But it might help your peace of mind if you have trouble making up your mind. You may be under contract – perhaps deep into the process – and you see a new home come up that you like better than the one you have now. Maybe it is a better layout. Maybe it is a better price. It’s likely too late to easily do anything about it.
If you have second-guesser-itis, you might want to stay off and once under contract, because looking at other listings will only feed your doubts which are most likely temporary and irrelevant.